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Free Piano Lesson and Daily Piano Warmups

Boulder Voice Lessons Daily 7 minute piano warm up will make you a better piano player.

Daily Piano Practice will make you a better piano player!

If you don’t know what to practice, or if you are sick of practicing your assigned song, just do this simple 7 minute warm up, and you’ll continue to improve.

It’s like 7 minute Abs, but for your fingers.

Check it here:

50 CENT at Radio City Music Hall

I did a thing last night... Sang back up for 50 Cent at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. What an experience! More info to come, but check the video here!

How to Stop your Voice from Cracking

Have you ever cracked while singing???
This video will help you to NEVER crack again.
Josh at Boulder Voice Lessons

How to Sing With Confidence

Boulder Voice Lessons Teacher, Joshua South

First and foremost… I’m a singer.

I’ve always been a performer, from playing Tiny Tim when I was eight years old, to the current day where I’m working on five different shows within the next two months.

I get it.

Trying to get confident is a little bit scary… when you walk out on that stage, you’re all alone.
-The lights are bright.
-You can’t see the back of the house.
- What if you forget the words.
- Maybe you’re worried you’ll crack
- What if people will laugh at you… not like you…whatever.

We have All. Been. There.

I can show how to overcome those fears.

I can give you a vocal technique that will teach you to sing with your true self, your true voice, and without any fear of cracking.

I’m not saying you’ll never be nervous again.
I’m not saying it will be easy, or you won’t have to work hard.

This vocal technique is life changing… and it makes you improve FAST.
You can sign up here:

Now, I’m located in Colorado. If you're within driving distance, that's great, let's meet in person. But if you're not, through the magic of the Internet we can still meet as often as you like.

If you have any questions about the process, I’m more than happy to discuss all of this with you. Drop me a line, or better yet, sign up for a lesson, and let's get started.

Talk soon,
Joshua South
Boulder Voice Lessons

Climate Change Eyes

One of the great things about teaching so many people is that I am constantly exposed to new and exciting artists.

One such artist is Billie Eilish who sings the epic song, Ocean Eyes.

I just posted a new video on YouTube that explains the techniques of how to sing Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish. Now, you may be thinking, who the heck is Billie Eilish, and why should I care, but I assure you all of the techniques that I discuss can be implemented to your favorite tunes, as well!

Check out the video here:

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From Timbuktu to Boulder... Online Singing Lessons

The Digital Revolution is here.

First came the Agricultural Revolution, then the Industrial Revolution.

And now, Boulder Voice Lessons is taking the Internet by Storm.

Announcing Online Singing Lessons!

You live 1,000 miles away but you want to take world-class vocal technique instruction? Skype me!

Winter Storm Snowflake got you buried in 6 feet of snow? Let’s have a Voice Lesson without the hassle of driving!

$65 for 60 minutes gets you some of the greatest vocal technique instruction available.

You don’t even have to leave home. 

But, try to change out of your comfy pajamas.

Thank you, Digital Revolution.

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Would you like a scholarship with that?

Artboard 31-100.jpg

Like fries with a cheeseburger, a career, or the ability to create income, is the next logical progression after learning how to do something.

A friend of mine was telling me how her daughter basically paid for her entire college education by teaching piano during college.

She was easily able to move to a new town and start up a new studio rather quickly, leading to income, which led to no debt!

How about a scholarship with that?

Colleges are always looking for great singers to perform in their productions, and will pay handsomely for somebody that fits that description.

I currently have a couple of students in middle school, and in high school. They are learning how to sing better, and are working on their technique so they can add that extra opportunity to get some of that extra voice scholarship money.

How about you?

Want to join the studio?

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