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How do I get a College Scholarship?


So you want to take over the world, eh?

Anyone will tell you – start young....

Golf, tennis, martial arts, dance, rock climbing, whatever. Put in thousands of hours of practice of those skills as a kid, and chances are, when you grow up, you’ll be better than 99% of the adults on the planet at those skills.

As a parent, I know the importance of exposing kids to skills that are usable as they grow up. For instance, I think my twin boys should grow up wrestling each other (they already do...), and maybe they’ll get a full NCAA scholarship in wrestling! Who knows…

Or, if you want to go the music route, there are a lot of marketable skills that a singer can bring to the table. And, universities, both big and small, but especially the big ones, are always looking for talented singers that can be showcased for audiences.

Starting a singing journey in the beginning of high school can prepare the student for those college scholarship auditions.

  • A few years of singing preparation will lead to a better chance of a successful scholarship audition.

  • A successful scholarship audition will lead, hopefully, to a scholarship!

  • A scholarship would lead to reduced tuition, and a reduced debt load.

  • A reduced debt load will lead to more money in your pocket for the rest of your life.

You get the idea…

Deep thoughts for a Drowsy Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Would you like a scholarship with that?

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Like fries with a cheeseburger, a career, or the ability to create income, is the next logical progression after learning how to do something.

A friend of mine was telling me how her daughter basically paid for her entire college education by teaching piano during college.

She was easily able to move to a new town and start up a new studio rather quickly, leading to income, which led to no debt!

How about a scholarship with that?

Colleges are always looking for great singers to perform in their productions, and will pay handsomely for somebody that fits that description.

I currently have a couple of students in middle school, and in high school. They are learning how to sing better, and are working on their technique so they can add that extra opportunity to get some of that extra voice scholarship money.

How about you?

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