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From Timbuktu to Boulder... Online Singing Lessons

The Digital Revolution is here.

First came the Agricultural Revolution, then the Industrial Revolution.

And now, Boulder Voice Lessons is taking the Internet by Storm.

Announcing Online Singing Lessons!

You live 1,000 miles away but you want to take world-class vocal technique instruction? Skype me!

Winter Storm Snowflake got you buried in 6 feet of snow? Let’s have a Voice Lesson without the hassle of driving!

$65 for 60 minutes gets you some of the greatest vocal technique instruction available.

You don’t even have to leave home. 

But, try to change out of your comfy pajamas.

Thank you, Digital Revolution.

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Boulder Voice Lessons

Life's Greatest Moments Involve Song!

Life‘s greatest moments involve song:

A singer will sing a beautiful song, like Schubert’s Ave Maria, at a funeral because there is nothing else to say.

There is singing at a wedding because the happiness, joy, and beauty is expressed in a way that words alone could never create.

A husband will sing to his wife on their wedding day.

A father that can sing to his daughter during their first dance at her wedding.

A high school senior that is slaying the audience with her amazing voice and stage presence.

These are all moments that are possible.

Most people are SO scared of singing that they never try. They are scared of rejection, of being made fun of, not singing in tune, and above all – thinking their voice is TERRIBLE!

Don’t be afraid of your voice – Embrace it. Build it!

I can show you how.

First singing lesson (online or in person, here in Boulder, CO) is 50% off!

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I hate my voice

The word on the street is this:

  • I really want to sing, but I can’t sing in tune.

  • I suck! My pitch was always off… it was like navigating a dark room.

  • I have no idea what I’m doing. 

  • I want to sing super bad, but I can’t sing anything!

  • I am a bit apprehensive, because nothing is worse than singing off pitch.

(notice all the I’s)

And then there’s this:

“We used to laugh at my father-in-law because he was so tone deaf. Luckily for us he never attempted to sing in front of us.”

Goodness! With that kind of self-fear, who would ever want to learn how to sing, much less have the confidence to take singing lessons, or, GASP, sing in public!

I’d like to introduce a new concept singing lessons.

If you let it, it takes all the fear out of learning how to sing.

It’s so simple, and part of a process, that you just breathe in and do it.

I can show you how.

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