Vocal Nodules


Have you ever heard of vocal nodules?

If you have ever suffered from vocal problems, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of vocal nodes, or nodules.

Just thinking about it makes me squirm in my chair, but what it is, is when you have been abusing your vocal cords, over-approximating, or rubbing your vocal cords together like your last two pennies for an extended time - this could lead to big nasty calluses on your vocal cords.

These vocal problems could present themselves with symptoms like:

  • Not being able to sing like you want to

  • Super breathy tone

  • Vocal paralysis

  • Even long-term laryngitis symptoms.

How do you fix it? Talk to a Doctor, but surgery might be needed.

Can you imagine that?

Even worse is when you have spent countless hundreds of thousands of dollars on your training… a Bachelors of music, a Masters of music, professional degrees, 30,000 hours of training, and then you’re sidelined for a while. The voice might come back, or it might not…

Not everybody gets nodules or polyps on your vocal chords, but why risk it? 

Prevention is the best policy!

That’s why I am always teaching ways to support the voice, to protect it, and arm my students with voice training and voice BUILIDING!

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