Are singing lessons truly helpful?

Someone asked me that question the other day, and my first response was, “Of course!“

“But what if I cannot sing the melody, or harmony, or even sing in tune?”


There are lots of things that someone can do to improve their ability to sing on pitch - like ear training, or just general music education.

And, there are all sorts of ways to practice singing on pitch. If you have a piano, or guitar, or another instrument, you can practice by playing a note, and then trying to sing that note – or match that pitch.

You could also take a sight singing chorus at your local community college, or even audit a course at the local university in your town. I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure there is a phone app that will help you with that goal.

Now, if your voice is not strong enough to actually sing in tune, or to hold a pitch, or to sing a full phrase without getting flat, then that becomes a voice building issue.

The two issues, not hearing the pitch, and not having a strong and a voice, are very much intertwined.

One helps the other.

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