Joshua South

How to Sing With Confidence

Boulder Voice Lessons Teacher, Joshua South

First and foremost… I’m a singer.

I’ve always been a performer, from playing Tiny Tim when I was eight years old, to the current day where I’m working on five different shows within the next two months.

I get it.

Trying to get confident is a little bit scary… when you walk out on that stage, you’re all alone.
-The lights are bright.
-You can’t see the back of the house.
- What if you forget the words.
- Maybe you’re worried you’ll crack
- What if people will laugh at you… not like you…whatever.

We have All. Been. There.

I can show how to overcome those fears.

I can give you a vocal technique that will teach you to sing with your true self, your true voice, and without any fear of cracking.

I’m not saying you’ll never be nervous again.
I’m not saying it will be easy, or you won’t have to work hard.

This vocal technique is life changing… and it makes you improve FAST.
You can sign up here:

Now, I’m located in Colorado. If you're within driving distance, that's great, let's meet in person. But if you're not, through the magic of the Internet we can still meet as often as you like.

If you have any questions about the process, I’m more than happy to discuss all of this with you. Drop me a line, or better yet, sign up for a lesson, and let's get started.

Talk soon,
Joshua South
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Microphone with Elvis Filter

There’s no denying – Elvis was the King.

Girls screamed.

Men wept.

If only we could click a button and sound like Elvis.

Yeah right…

This old friend of mine had an “easy way” idea, and bought a crazy expensive microphone - all the bells and whistles. He hired a professional guitarist to record for a few hours with him at his home studio.

He sent me the demo, and the only thing I could think of was that I wish that he had spent the $3000+ dollars on Singing Lessons and Musical Coachings rather than that microphone.

It made me realize that having the fancy microphone and recording set up will not an Elvis make, or be any better than using your iPhone Microphone, if you don’t sound good.

I showed him a few of my singing warm-ups and vocal techniques and we worked for few months together, and his voice improved. He started doing the work, started doing the techniques, started really concentrating on drilling those exercises.

Big difference.

Sign up here for a lesson and I’ll show you what we worked on (If you're not in the Boulder, CO area, we can still work on Skype/Facetime)



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Get some history in your ear

Jerry Hadley was arguably America's greatest operatic tenor in the 20th century.

He gave a revolutionary interview that probably ticked a lot of people off. This is required listening, so click on that video right after you finish reading this.

He talks about getting history in your ear, and learning the style of the music from the greatest singers that have ever been recorded.

He talks about how opera singers are notoriously bad for not knowing the history of the human voice, and being overly concerned with placing your voice in a specific spot, worrying too much about technique, and worrying whether not you’re doing it.

So check out the video, and then do some research... stand on the shoulders of the giants before you. Learn from them. This applies to all music, pop, jazz, opera, musical theater, whatever.

It is up to the Singer to improve and conquer the world. My favorite quote from this interview is the following:

“The teacher is only as good as the receptacle to which he is giving that information.”

You do not need anyone’s permission to sing… so go out there and get learnin’!

Start your Singing Lessons in Boulder journey today!

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