Fairview High School Choir Auditions

Be extreme in your daily quest for greatness

I have always been a person that goes to extremes. If I were going to practice stretching I would stretch until it hurts. If I were to work out by lifing weights I would lift the heaviest weight possible. Basically any technique, I would take it to the nth degree, because that’s how to do it best, right? Wrong. 

Something has changed in the last year, though. I don't know if it's because I'm just getting older, if I'm getting further along in my jiu jitsu practice, if I'm getting older as a father, or what, but I've had a pretty seismic idea, extreme, if you will, of being extreme..

Maybe it occurred to me these past couple weeks as I've been working out almost every day at the Opera Colorado office. It’s not the greatest gym in the world, but, if you just work out with what you have, and keep on the slow and steady grind on this campaign of self-improvement, one begins to see results. If I just come in every day and work and go through the motions and lift the weights do my stretches my injuries heal, my body strengthens, and I feel overall, better.

The same thing can be said regarding our singing. In the beginning of your singing journey, you are building your voice, much the same way as you are building an instrument. You can't play a violin unless it's built, and you cannot sing to your full extent unless the muscles that are directly in control of producing the sounds have been strengthened...

The muscles allow you to sing softly, loudly, to add emotional textures to your voice, to add caricature textures to your voice, singing dark, singing light, singing clear, and have a ringing tone. All of these things are the standard, the baseline, the foundation of what it takes to add artistry to your song, to your band, to your life....

Once again, we come to this idea of extreme. I can't tell you how many students I've seen in the past few years that want a major change in one lesson. It doesn't happen like that. Expecting a change in one lesson… that is extreme. One must recognize that one needs to build the muscles that are directly responsible before producing those sounds over a period of YEARS! it took Arnold Schwarzenegger a long time to get that Mr. Universe body. It's the exact same way with the voice.

Slow and steady. Steady. Steady. Constant and disciplined workouts will get you to your goals.

Oh, and by the way, I can help get you there!

Singing Lessons schedule is a bit wackadu for a little while, but sign up on the Boulder Voice Lessons website for available lesson times.

Free Piano Lesson and Daily Piano Warmups

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Daily Piano Practice will make you a better piano player!

If you don’t know what to practice, or if you are sick of practicing your assigned song, just do this simple 7 minute warm up, and you’ll continue to improve.

It’s like 7 minute Abs, but for your fingers.

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How to Audition

The other week my rambunctious twin boys auditioned for their first professional theater company. They were going for the role of Tiny Tim. We worked really hard for about two weeks to get them ready.... (There was lots of bribing involved)

The big day came... they had resumes and headshots in hand as they each strutted into the audition room without me, handed their music to the pianist, proudly announced their names and their selections and sang their piece.

I was trying as hard as I could to be the ultimate “stage dad” with my ear against the audition door listening for their cute dulcet Tiny Tim voices. And, after everybody in their group was finished with their own additions, they called the whole group back into the room to work on a new song.

A NEW SONG???? But they are only six years old....They can’t even read yet, let alone read music.
(Internal eye rolling, internal palm to the face)

“Why didn’t I prepare all of Tiny Tim‘s music for my kids!!!” I yelled at myself in the silence of my own brain.

Welp, neither one got the role.

Lesson learned. Learn the whole role if you really want to be considered.

This goes for six-year-old singers auditioning for musical theater, stage actors auditioning for Hamlet, opera singers auditioning for whatever, and grade school kids auditioning for their school play at Mesa Elementary, Bear Creek Elementary, Fairview High School, or Southern Hills Middle School, or any BVSD school.. The more you seem prepared, the more the producers will trust you. After all, you worked hard to get this far, why not learn that extra piece and impress the audition panel.

If you’re interested in working locally with me, sign up for a lesson at www.bouldervoicelessons.com, or drop me an email at info@bouldervoicelessons.com.

How prepared you have to be?

The show is tonight!

Joshua South,
Boulder Voice Lessons,