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Boulder Voice Lessons

Do something every day that scares you…
Them’s some good words to live by.

I don’t know why, but public speaking has always been my public enemy number one.

Give me a script, or give me something to sing, and I’ll do it in front of 1 million people.
I like to be well rehearsed and I like to be prepared, but if it’s talking off-the-cuff or trying to charm an audience, that is something I’m usually not well equipped to do.

So, in the thrill of doing something every day that scares you, I jumped at the chance to emcee a local opera highlights production in Boulder.

Oh technique, how I love thee, let me count the waves.

Technique is magic. Whether you are learning to tie your shoes or play a Bach fugue on the piano, if you work on it today, you will have visible improvement tomorrow. This is why parents want their kids in piano lessons.

Back to me being scared… So just like learning an opera role, I sunk my teeth into this emcee thing and pulled it off, I daresay, with Doogie Houser-like fashion!

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Just think of all the great things will be able to do with your new skillz.

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