Don't give up those Singing Lessons

How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?

Just don’t give up.

This seems like a simple concept…. lots of people have been around longer than I have, and a lot of people have quit before me.

Competition is a funny thing. There are sprints, and there are marathons. One has to do with flat out skill and talent, and one of them has to do with patience. Sure, it’s great to be the fastest/strongest/most talented, but long-standing patience is even more powerful.

A flood can wipe out a town or structure, but a river can groove out a Grand Canyon. Constant and steady winds can shape mountains, and a volcano that waits patiently for 100 million years can explode with earth shattering force.

What is your career? Are you a sprinter? Are you going to last three years and give it your all and then quit and move on? This life is not for everybody! But, it might just be for you if you can stay on the path and create your groove and put in the time, effort, and be patient.

Just outlast the person next to you, and they’ll be one less person in the race…

Sprinter or Marathoner, you’ll need a technique. The best technique is right here at Boulder Voice Lessons. Work with me in person, or online.

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