How a child’s temper tantrum taught me to sing better

It was a simple mistake.... I should’ve known better.

I hope I didn’t mess this kid up for life, but…

I cut his pancake in half.

Cue the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown now.

This poor little snowflake son of mine tilted his head back and let out the most primal, and yet coordinated, chest voice and falsetto functional sound you have ever heard. I’m gonna have to cut his pancake tomorrow, just so I can record this for you.

My amazing teacher Franco Bertacci, talks about this sound as the natural sound of the Larynx.

With no vowel, lots of air, and a neutral sound, this is basically called - the function sound!

Try it...have somebody cut your pancake, and let out (dys)functional sound. It actually feels really good. It’s like a bombshell of emotion exploding, after seeing your sweet, beautiful chocolate-chip pancake being destroyed before your very eyes.

Don’t try this at home, kids. For real. Hit me up with the online session, and we’ll talk about it.

For those seeking a strong chest voice that you can take higher in your voice, this is an invaluable addition to your arsenal of vocal technique!

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Pancake Destroyer Josh