How to sing better

1 Easy Tip to Sing Better!

Once it was an 11 minute ab workout... Then, it was a 7 minute ab workout...

Same thing with razors... One razor blade used to do the trick, and now 19, or whatever the current number is, is the only way to go...

WELL! Here's 1 (ONE) TIP to make you a better singer!

Heed this info well, my good friends, for it will work!

Here's the video:


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How Karaoke Saved My Life!

Everybody’s having a blast a karaoke... Except me.

These people were ripping out Whitney Houston, Adele, all the great Broadway tunes, and after they got done singing they were rewarded with high-fives, hugs and complimentary shots.

Not Me... just crickets.

I felt terrible, here you are all having a great time and all I got was the obligatory sideway glances and congratulatory pats on the back.

I was so embarrassed…

An acquaintance regaled this story to me after I mentioned that I was an opera singer, and had a voice lessons studio in the Boulder area.

Now, what can we do to learn from this infomation?

We don’t want to be embarrased or fail! We all wanna slay the dragon - be the hero, save the day, or just kick some serious tushy at karaoke!

I propose a few ways to move forward from here:

1.      This might seem a bit obvious, but choose an appropriate song. Do some research; sing along to some karaoke tracks at home, and see if you can actually hit all the notes.

2.      Take some voice lessons.
Voice teachers can help you learn how to sing better. Actually, these videos that I made will help you learn to sing better, and are totally free.

3.      Practice, Practice, Practice – but practice with proper technique. If you don’t know proper technique, see #2.

These ideals can appeal to all types of performing – School plays, Community theatre, Auditions…

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Little Orphan Annie Got it Right

iStock Earth from Space.jpg

The sun WILL come out tomorrow.

Actually, the sun has been “coming out tomorrow” for about 4.5 billion years. Don’t quote me on that…. ask Neil Degrasse Tyson.

The point is, that barring some total black hole collapse, the sun will continue to come out for the foreseeable future…

You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

No matter how terribly your day is going, you can count on this:

Tomorrow will come.

We can take this idea and put it towards the idea of Building Vocal Technique.

Muscles take time to grow, and if you work them out one day, the next day, they’ll probably be stronger.

It’s a simple, yet complicated idea, and different from getting 1000 likes on your new hairdo selfie, it’s certainly not instant gratification. It takes time - lots of time!

So get started on your 10,000 hours of voice building today, and check out my new YouTube videos.

You can learn any technique on YouTube, but ultimately only you can put in the time, and get stronger…for tomorrow.

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