Someone told me I was tone deaf…

A Boulder Voice Lessons student said that to me recently… Those words can sting.

It made me think of the process. It made me think of how much I’ve learned in the last few years… I’m teaching my kids how to read, I’m studying a martial art (jiu-jitsu), and I’ve ramped up my voice teaching to over 500 lessons a year.

You gotz to start at the beginning when learning a new skill. My ‘energetic’ 6-year-olds are learning the sounds of the letters. We drill those letters a lot. I’m also teaching them piano and trying to train their ear. We try to do work on that a lot. Baby steps…

Jiu-Jitsu is the same. No white belt is getting their black belt tomorrow – you have to go through the steps and give it time. Those moves have to get in your body – it has to become natural. That can only happen with time… Again, baby steps.

I’ve seen the same thing with ALL my voice students. As much as I would love to have a new student become the best singer in the world in 3 lessons, it just doesn’t happen. My children can’t read novels because they don’t know all the letter/word rules yet, and I don’t have my black belt because I haven’t put in the time. The same goes with the voice.

What is the common thread of all students?

The desire to get better.

Without the desire, fire, will – it’s hard to progress.

How then, does one get better??

Record your lessons and listen to them. Do the warm-ups. Memorize your music. Perform in front of someone. Go to an audition. Join the local theatre group.

Baby steps…

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Keep the fire going!

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