Clear as Mud

I spent the past weekend in South Alabama working as the Director of Photography (did you know I’m also a photographer/videographer??) on a short documentary for the Lyman Ward Military Academy. I grew up in Alabama and have sorely missed that deep swamp-like humidity since moving to the bone-dry climate of the Wild West.

I love Alabama. Love the culture, the FOOD, the people, the language, and the “isms”!

“Now that’s a gear we ain’t gonna get into right now.”

“Bless your heart.”

“That’s about as clear as mud.”

And I “sure get tickled” every time I hear a new one.

A LOT of great singers come from the South, probably because of the language/accent/chest-dominated speaking voice, but there are some GREAT singers here in Colorado too.

One of them is a singing student right here at Boulder Voice Lessons, Darrow Klein. She is killin’ it all over town and is being featured as the Title Role in the Diary of Anne Frank at the (UNION-HOUSE) Arvada Center.

The Arvada Center is LEGIT, folks, and so is Darrow. I’m so happy to help her along in her vocal and artistic journey.

Y’all check out the article in the local paper, the Daily Camera, featuring Darrow taking a lesson with Boulder Voice Lessons.

Boulder Voice Lessons has availability for new Singing Students, if you’re interested…

We’ll quickly diagnose your singing technique and git ya on track to accomplish your singing goals!

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Y’all take care now and tell yer Mama I said hey!

(Roll Tide)

Joshua South
Boulder Voice Lessons