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As a singer your competition is not Johnny-one-note down the hall. As a performer, no matter what, you are pitted against the number one performers in the world.

“Oh she’s good, you know, but Madonna is better.”

“Yeah he’s a good rapper, but 50 Cent is better.”

“Yeah he’s a good opera singer, but Giacomini is better.”

For real, that’s how people think. 

Welp, I’m here to help. If you’ve been having trouble scheduling a lesson to get better than Madonna, log on to to see the new lineup of new times. New lesson times are later in the evenings, and lessons on the weekend.

This voice lesson technique is the real deal. I’m the only one teaching it in the front range... Drop by and take a first consultation lesson for 50% off and see for yourself. Shoot me an email with any questions, or I’ll see you at the studio!

See what my students are saying:

“I am loving my experience with Boulder Voice Lessons. Josh has been really good at understanding my goals and pushing me to do better. His work space is comfortable and functional. Definitely recommend him!”
Kimberly (Via Google Reviews)

“I've been taking voice lessons with Josh for a few months now and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is very encouraging, patient, funny, and has a great voice himself! We have done a lot of practice to strengthen my voice muscles, which is exciting both for singing and for speaking. We pick songs that I like but also that challenge me. I hadn't sung in any type of group or lesson since I was in elementary school, and I'm so glad I finally decided to start again. I can't wait to see what my voice is like in another year or so!”
Rebecca (Via Google Reviews)

Boulder Voice Lessons

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