Don’t listen to yourself while you sing.

That comes straight out of the Voice Teacher “Guru” handbook.

Mmmmm, OK, but how in the world are you supposed to change your sound if you don’t listen to yourself?

“Stop listening to yourself,” I always used to hear. I guess in hindsight, I can understand what a teacher would mean by that. If you are overdoing the technique, and by changing the structure of your sound, I suppose you could “listen” to yourself in a bad way.

However, we need to be able to help ourselves when we sing. That’s the only way we can more effectively go for that wider, deeper, Boulder Voice Lessons Technique sound!

Still others say that a microphone is the best teacher, and instead of going whole hog and not agreeing with anyone, how about we take a little bit of advice from everybody.

Here at Boulder Voice Lessons, we record a song or aria during the last part of the lesson. I’m wearing headphones, you’re wearing headphones, and you are listening to your voice. Want to sing like Norah Jones? Well, Norah Jones always sings into a microphone, and so does Adele, and so does every pop-star.

They also sing with great microphones, just like the one that we use here at Boulder Voice Lessons.

So step right on up, and work with some professional equipment while we on your professional vocal technique.

Yet another perk, and yet another reason to trust Boulder Voice Lessons for all your Vocal Technique Lessons!

Start listening to yourself here:

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