How to sing louder in your middle voice

"Hey Josh, I can sing the high notes, but my middle range, where most of the music lies in my songs, it is not as strong. What can I do?”

I’ve been asked this question throughout my whole teaching career. The answer is always the same. The singer must retain the structure that we talk about here at Boulder Voice Lessons throughout the middle range.

The middle range must also be exercised and given attention in daily practice. The middle range, which is dominantly the chest voice is the foundation for your whole sound. Without it, you will be sadly lacking in the “excitability meter” that the audience feels.

As singers and performers, we want to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. And with a huge chest voice they are always wondering, “my goodness, are they going to make it to the high note?“

In this studio, the answer is always a resounding, yes!

Check out my daily podcast for exercises on how to do middle range and chest voice warm-ups.

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