Patiently Waiting for Patience:

Hey Josh, soooo…. When am I going to get better at singing?


JOSH: I get this question often... The answer is generally the same for everybody. You will be a better singer when you know how to do the techniques. Do you want to learn the proper singing techniques? Set up a voice lesson with me... I’m more than happy to show you!  (also check out my YouTube page)

Hey Josh, I know you sing opera, but I want to sing rock ‘n’ roll....Are you gonna make me sound like Opera Man from Saturday Night Live?

Josh: So you want to sing like Axl Rose? Yeah, me too... how about we work on your voice, and you can sound like your best you. You are unique and so is your voice. Let’s get to work on it and see what we can do! By the way, I also sing Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pop, Gospel - anything I can get deep on!

And.....How can I get better at performing?

Josh: confidence, confidence, confidence.... get’cha confidence here. Nothing says confidence like being a master at what you are doing. Bruce Lee had confidence – Jim Morrison had confidence…

Do you want to learn how to sing the high notes, do you want to learn how to sing the low notes, do you want to control an audience with your voice?

The answers are all right here at Boulder Voice Lessons... sign up for a voice lesson here (it's soooooo easy!):

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