Episode #5 Chest Voice Warm-up in 5 minutes

Today’s 5 minute lesson walks you through how to warm up the chest voice!

The chest voice is the lower part of your vocal register. It is named “chest voice” because it rattles, or vibrates your upper chest and clavicle area, and parts of your back. The chest voice is the most dominant, or should be the most dominant, of all the registers. Upon the chest voice is built the foundations of the voice.

The chest voice can be strengthened with this 5 minute lesson… it is very similar to the warm up that we use  here at Boulder Voice Lessons. The chest voice vowels are [a] and [E].

When exercising the chest voice muscles, it is important to remember that the more volume and the more breath you can give to the sound, the stronger those muscles will get. Think deep, wide, and full.

Imagine that you are in the gym working out. You want those leg muscles to get bigger, so you put on a lot of weight on the bar in-order to increase resistance. It’s the same way with the voice. The more resistance you give to the muscles that control the chest voice sound, the bigger those muscles will get. Bigger muscles, bigger sound!

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