Summer Music Instensive with Boulder Voice Lessons

Perfect Your Performance

Two Incredible Sessions:
Session I: Monday, July 30th - Friday, August 3rd
Session II: Monday, August 6th - Friday, August 10th

Joshua South, owner and lead teacher at Boulder Voice Lessons will show you the ropes of the entire singing industry. The vocal techniques studied in this Summer Music Intensive will get you ready for any audition, any college or school application, and any performing career. 

You will be able to start your own singing career after this course!

  • 2 Voice Lessons per day

  • Daily Professional Audio Recording Techniques Class

  • Daily Professional Video Techniques Class

  • Final Performance to Showcase your Songs

  • 1-hour Lecture with New York Agents/record producers

These classes, if purchased separately would cost $400 per DAY!
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This program is ideal for rising junior/senior high school students, college students, and any emerging professional singer.

Self-dedication and responsibility is a MUST for any interested applicants. 

The professional voice lessons, professional video and audio recordings offered during this course will make your college applications, auditions and your website stand out in the crowd.

Boulder Voice Lessons' Recording Intensive for Performers

$700 Per Session


Josh9 copy.jpg

World Class Vocal Technique in Boulder, CO

Joshua South will lead a two-hour master class style vocal techniques course every day. We will drill the exercises together, separately,  and in front of each other... this is the best way to learn!

You’ll gain an amazing amount of confidence through this style of class, and you'll learn a solid technique.

All levels will be covered.... the fundamentals through advanced techniques will be covered.

Do you want to improve your voice? This program is the way to go!


Learn REcording Techniques

Today's singer must be able to record in a studio with proficiency and accuracy. Time is money, and this class, which will meet once a day will help you perfect your recording techniques. We will work on Microphone Technique, Setting up your equipment, Learning the basics of any Professional Recording Program, and how to export it and send it out to the world!

We will discuss and teach you how to market your recordings through multiple strategies. Start monetizing your voice and your skills today!


Learn to perform on camera

Do you feel comfortable performing in front of a camera? Just take a look at any performing reality show - The Voice, America's Got Talent, American Idol - You MUST look good, be confident, and sing well on camera. We will do this everyday, critique it, make changes, and get better! This is your chance to work with professional equipment, learn how to light yourself, learn how to edit the video, export it, and get it up on YouTube. These techniques will help you in your career, no matter what industry you are in. You'll even learn how to operate a camera and record professional sound. 

You must look comfortable on camera! This class will help! 

Boulder Voice Lessons Summer Performing Intensive
Daily Schedule

Session 1

11:00 AM - Group Voice Lesson
12:00 PM - On Camera Techniques
LUNCH (please provide your own lunch)
1:00 PM - Group Voice Lesson
2:00 PM - Audio Recording Techniques
3:00 PM - Group Dismissal

Session 2

11:00 AM - Group Voice Lesson
12:00 PM - Video Editing your Session 1 Recordings
LUNCH (please provide your own lunch)
1:00 PM - Group Voice Lesson
2:00 PM - Audio Editing your Session 1 Recordings
3:00 PM - Group Dismissal


In order for Students to edit their Session I recordings, the following items are recommended:
1. A computer with Video editing software. (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc)
2. A computer with Audio editing software. (Garage Band, Adobe Audition, Logic, Pro Tools, etc)
3. Headphones (closed-ear preferred)
4. Two (2) SD cards (Required)
5. Recommended: External Hard Drive (1TB)

Daily attendance is mandatory (illness is excused).

Boulder Voice Lessons' Summer Intensive for Performers

$700 Per Session

  • The cost of these classes, if purchased separately would be $400/DAY! 
  • The information and skills taught in these classes will last a lifetime!
  • $200 non-refundable deposit is all that is required to reserve your spot for this unique class. 
  • Space is limited to 8 students per session. 
  • Housing and food is NOT provided.
  • Please email me with any questions, or use the button below to contact me.
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